What is Olaplex??

Not only is Olaplex the most innovative patented product in today’s hair industry, it is creating quite a buzz within the hair community, and its customers.

Why, you ask? Well let us tell you…

Olaplex is a 2 step treatment used to prevent further damage, and internally repair previous damage.

AKA Insurance For Your Hair!

Without getting all boring and explaining the chemistry of hair, what it actually comes down to is that hair is made up of keratins and proteins which creates thousands of bonds.
These bonds are what helps form hair’s overall shape, and strength. When these bonds are broken from coloring, bleaching, thermal tools, sunlite, products (you get the picture) it changes the inner structure of your hair, usually causing dryness, breakage, frizziness, etc.

The 3 R’s

Olaplex works to Rebuild, Restore, and Repair these broken bonds which are the foundation of your hair.

Olaplex will help with longevity of color, lessen porosity, add shine, prevent damage, and create Permanent bonds until broken again.
It can be used in your color/lightening service, or as a Stand Alone Treatment (my favorite)

Olaplex is a tool that we use to mitigate damage done during the chemical process. This is something that has never been done before!

So, you don’t get any chemical services done? No, worries Olaplex is great for ALL hair types. Remember bonds are not only compromised from chemicals.

Keep in mind this is an insurance for hair stylists, and allows us to “push the envelope”. However, not everyone’s hair can handle major hair transformations in one salon visit. It may take several visits to achieve your desired result. The integrity of your hair is our priority. This is a perfect example why to get Stand Alone Treatments between visits.

Ps. Don’t forget Olaplex #3, this your at home insurance for your hair.