Lisa Johnson

Nail Artisit
Lisa Johnson Tangles Hair Studio Nail Stylist

Lisa has been a part of the Tangles team since the beginning. She is originally from NY, which is where she began her career in the beauty industry. She excels as a nail artist by continually attending educational academies, classes, and seminars. She has received many certifications in gel, and acrylic nail enhancements. Colored gel enhancements is her specialty, and most popular nail service. Lisa’s clients feel that her mani’s, and pedi’s are a real treat. She continues to update her services by providing the newest, and latest nail services available in the industry. Lisa is a very personable person, and forms special relationships with all of her clients. Lisa is a hard worker, and puts in long hours making sure she is always available to accommodate her clients. So therefore her free time is spent spending precious time with her daughter, and family, and a little bit of shoe shopping of course!!