Hi! I’m Jade,
I can’t wait to tell you a little about myself. From the moment I stepped foot in a salon I knew this was my calling. Let me tell you why!

I absolutely love spending time with my clients, its so nice to have quality conversations about so many different subjects. It means so much to me to build relationships and get to experience weddings, first dances, first dates, etc. with all of you. I truly feel honored! I love how I can walk into my workplace and have complete creative freedom where I can be myself and do what I love.

I’ve been a stylist since 2014 and I still get excited about all the new trends. I try to keep updated and I love experimenting with new techniques. It’s important to me that your needs are met and that I achieve them. I’m very detail oriented when I’m working with my clients. All the little things matter to me.

Now that I told you about me, I can’t wait to hear a little bit about you. To book your next consultation feel free to call Tangles and let’s make your hair dreams a reality!