Senior Stylist

Hi I’m Toni
I’m so excited to meet you and can’t wait to have you in my chair.

I’m a New York native, but have made Florida my home where I met my amazing hubby andraise my very awesome daughter.Let’s be honest, being a mom, working full time and being very involved in my church, I get how busy life can be. That’s why I can relate when a woman sits in my chair, and wants to feel special, confident and leaving like they can conquer the rest of the day, all while lookingfabulous .#COOLMOM

Oh, and I forgot to mention relaxed, I am known for my killer head massages. I’ve been a stylist for over 20 years, and I’m so excited to be taking my career to the next level by becoming certified in the latest hair trend, Handtied Extensions. Perfecting a seamless balayage,and creating beautiful colors makes me happy. I’ve also teamed up with a group of like minded stylists from all over the country in a group coaching academy, which will give me the opportunity to take my business and guest experience to the next level.

I honestly love my career and know nothing else would fulfill the happiness and passion that drives me to create amazing hair. One of my happy places is spending Sunday mornings singing at my local church. I LOVE to sing, and yes I’m known to break out in song and dance in the salon. I can promise that you will be laughing if you are in my chair. I love, and I mean love to make people laugh so hard they are in tears. Maybe,that’s why I’m obsessed with watching comedies (my favorite movie Ace Ventura Pet Detective). Alrighty then!

I bring my selfie stick everywhere To document the greatest moments of life. My family and friends get a total kick out of it, and always say “not only is she the life of the party but the photographer tool.” Most of all I love Jesus, family, coffee and Naps. So, what are you waiting for? Call Tangles to set up an appointment.